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Steel casting components, manganese parts...

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Rubber Lining

Rubber lined steel components...

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Hydraulic Components

Hydraulic components...

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Who Are We?

MultiPro Solutions, one of the leading consulting firms in Turkey, has almost 20 years of experience in Engineering & Consulting, providing procurement solutions in the global mining, cement, iron & steel, energy, defense and machinery manufacturing sectors. Utilizing our extensive industry expertise and strong supply chain network, we strive to provide the most appropriate solutions for our clients' procurement needs.

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • 20+ Years of Experience
  • Professional Team
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Reliable Supply
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Fast Delivery
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Our Services

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Cement Sector

Cement Sector

We have experienced supply chain of Cement Business Area which capable to made many different type of Cement OEM.

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